Join the world’s most immersive online business + leadership incubator for entrepreneurial yoga teachers.


A 6-month online immersion + community for yoga teachers + coaches like no other.

This unique incubator gives you the mentorship, community, and framework to go from just starting out, struggling or stagnating yoga teacher or coach, to full-blown professional.

The Incubator will support you through tectonic shifts in your personal growth AND through practical, precise blueprints that when put in action, translate into real-world success. This alignment of inner and outer worlds is what allows us to create truly spectacular results — for you and for those you serve.

Does any of this resonate?

  • You feel overwhelmed, uncertain, not sure where to focus your energy and what steps to take next in your teaching and career evolution.

  • You just graduated YTT or graduated a while back but are not sure what to do, how to set up your business, get your foot in the door at your local studio or how to stand out in the sea of teachers.

  • You are a seasoned teacher, feeling stagnated, and ready to optimize your existing business, create new offerings and rise to the next level.

  • You show up fully, do the work, give it your all, but that cold-pressed green juice still feels like a splurge.

  • You are lacking confidence, find yourself in comparison mode and listen to the inner critic more than you listen to your higher self.

  • You tell your students how important a home practice is … but you’re stretched too thin to do your own.

  • Teaching Yoga isn’t just a job — it’s a calling. But lately, you’ve worried: how do I make this career sustainable?

Sound familiar? You are NOT ALONE.

Since 2008 I have mentored and supported hundreds of yoga teachers from around the world who felt lost, overwhelmed, intimidated, stale or disheartened and set in motion powerful shifts.

Hi, I’m Katie

Called a “powerhouse yogi and rising leader” by Forbes, Katie Brauer is an international yoga educator, high-performance coach, personal transformation expert, and mentor at the intersection of yoga and entrepreneurship. Her signature program, The Yoga Professional Incubator, is an online business and leadership immersion for yoga teachers determined to make a difference without falling into the burned out ’n broke trap.
An Aussie native and former professional snowboarder, Katie’s been featured in TEDx, Wanderlust, Entrepreneur, Gaiam TV, and more. She was the creative force behind the fastest growing boutique yoga studio and created 5-star ranked 200-hr and 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certifications that have graduated over 900 leaders.
She’s happiest mentoring people ready to get shit done, make a real impact, and create their own destinies.

 Try this:

Make an impact. Share your gifts. Facilitate life-changing experiences for your community. Earn incredible money with impeccable integrity. And still have time to sip a rosé by the pool.


Zero fluff.

The Yoga Professional Incubator© won’t waste an ounce of your precious time or energy. (Which is important when your lunch break is that long red light as you drive from one studio or client to another.)

I’ll show you how to cut away the superfluous stuff that’s sucking your time and focus on the truly important bits — whether we’re talking about streamlining your asana sequences or setting yourself up for sustainable financial success.

Our lessons are always brief, potent, and immediately actionable. And they’ll never rot on your hard drive.

Online learning = no airfare or vacation time required.

You’ll get a robust hybrid of learning styles, including group coaching calls, self-paced solo work, and opportunities for one-on-one mentoring — no matter what time zone you tune in from. Plus, you’ll have access to the entire course (including records of everything) for 12 months, to revisit any time you’re pivoting or need a boost.

If you want exceptional results, you need an exceptional approach.

Learn + Apply the 4 Pillars that set apart truly SUCCESSFUL Yoga Teachers


I will show you how to turn your passion into a thriving career
that supports YOU, your community, and your cashflow.

6-Month Program Curriculum

  • MODULE 1: Shift Your Teaching Paradigm

    Discover a revolutionary revamp to your teaching style that simultaneously honors your yoga roots and shows you how to facilitate a more modern, empowering, multidimensional experience that leaves your students feeling expanded and wanting more.

    I am talking, interpersonal skills, teaching methodologies, and qualities that will help set you apart from other yoga teachers and create overflowing classes with a large, loyal student following.

  • MODULE 2: Deep Roots, Abundant Future

    If you want to soar high and create abundance, you first need to go deep and tend to your roots.

    Get ready for a no joke, cosmic two-by-four that’ll bop you square in the head (and heart) and wake you up to precisely why you keep getting stuck … and what your Higher Self is demanding of you.

    We will dive deep and identify your current “operating system” of beliefs, patterns, and core wounds. You’ll do a pattern recognition exploration to uncover unresolved trauma and begin the root healing work needed to set yourself up for massive success. Then, you’ll learn the simple energetics of manifestation, so you can stop procrastinating when things get hard, discern when to let go of a dream, and when to buckle down and get ‘er done, (this isn’t woo-woo, it’s science).

    This module is an absolute game-changer for most graduates, leaving you with the ah-ha’s, inspiration, and oomph to answer the call of your Highest Self and redirect the course of your life (especially when things get tough).

  • MODULE 3: Own your Finances, Empower your Destiny

    By the end of this module, you will be throned the King or Queen of your Financial Realm. We’ll go down the rabbit hole together to investigate your money story, clean up and organize your current financial landscape, and establish foundational structures and systems for your financial growth.

    What we cover in this module will leave you so far ahead of the curve, you will walk away feeling empowered and ready to capture an abundant financial flow.

  • MODULE 4: Solid Foundation + Legal Set Up

    The launch pad to long-term success requires you to establish a rock-solid business infrastructure that covers all bases and protects you for years to come. Listen, there are crazy people out there, (it only takes one), and the IRS knows where you live, so it is best to set up a robust business security blanket that will protect you for years to come.

    In this module, we will cover the logistics of your Business Set Up, Accounting, Taxes, Contracts, Waivers, Insurance, and more. Sound fun? I swear, after this module, you will feel like a total boss and sleep deeper at night knowing you have your ass covered.

  • MODULE 5: Manifest Your Dream (and Make Money)

    Time for some serious fun. The sky is the limit. In this module it is time to let your heart sing its greatest desires, and for you to listen.

    Here you will get intensely connected to your Why, create crystal clarity of your Who, and start crafting your What. (So crucial for your bottom line).

  • MODULE 6: Long Term Strategy + Staircase to Success

    96.8% of yoga teachers don’t (or don’t know how to) create a long-term strategy. So they wonder, year after year, why they are still struggling and haven’t built momentum.

    Not you! You’ll learn to strategize like a boss using my results-driven model. We’ll identify your long-term goals, then examine your current rhythm and re-work it to serve your long-term strategy. You’ll begin implementing changes with confidence, knowing you’re stair stepping your way to success (on your terms).

  • MODULE 7: Create your Signature Offering + Facilitate a Remarkable Experience

    You don’t get a huge, loyal following of students by merely teaching classes — you need to facilitate experiences. Huge difference! This what great yoga professionals do, and it’s a completely different beast, requiring you to show up in a different way.

    Learn how to facilitate like a pro: whether it’s a class, workshop, intensive, immersion, retreat or training. Sharpen the tools and presence you need to birth your signature offering and boost your bottom line.

  • MODULE 8: Create Captivating Branding

    Now you know where you are going, it’s time to create your very own creative, cohesive branding that feels authentic to you and makes sure you stand out from the crowd.

    You will complete this module with a full-blown branding and media kit that will save you time, money and your sanity as you forge forward on your path.

  • MODULE 9: Evolve from Teacher to Professional

    How can you up your game, claim your gifts, establish yourself as a professional, increase your value in the community, and command higher rates?

    This is where inner transformation meets outer poise and professionalism. It’s your time to suit up, show up and get all your duckies in a row. Along with getting yourself ridiculously organized, you will learn about the key qualities and functions that differentiate a teacher from a Pro.

  • MODULE 10: Marketing + Messaging

    Now you’ve branded yourself and created your signature offerings — it’s time to broadcast them to the world in big, bold, creative ways.

    How do you avoid marketing yourself in schmaltzy or ineffective ways? Learn the specific messaging strategies and tools to foster a genuine connection with your community — across all channels. We will cover website, social channels, client relationship management and more.

  • MODULE 11: Structures, Systems, Strategy

    I know, I know: you don’t want to be hemmed in by rules and contracts and systems. But when you use structure the right way, it will free you up for more spontaneity.

    I will introduce you to systems that minimize overwhelm, keep you organized and on your A-game, as you continue to build momentum, hit your stride and bring your dreams to life.

  • MODULE 12: High Five Your Highest Self

    Real Yoga Pros know: celebration is a crucial skill that keeps you motivated, grounded, and tuned in. Identify your wins, claim your progress, and take a big bow for making some serious magic happen.

    The future is yours, Yoga Pro!


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It’s time to chuck the Starving Yogi cliché in the compost bin.

Make a living….living your calling.