Did you just get a massive wake-up call?

Do you feel as though the current crisis in America has jolted you awake, only to realize that you have much to learn about your role as a teacher and leader in recognizing your blind spots and breaking the cycle of systemic racism but are feeling trepidatious and unsure of where to start but know you need support, compassionate understanding, education, and guidance?

YES… We are glad you are here. We can help.

Have you been experiencing and feeling this?

✔️ Are you deeply saddened by what has unfolded and feeling called to learn and understand so you can do better?

✔️ Have you had the realization that you may have been unconsciously contributing to systemic racism and had no idea?

✔️ Are you in need of expert guidance and a safe place to explore your blindspots?

 ✔️ At times have you felt paralyzed or frozen and other times noticed the urge to speak up but felt afraid to say or do the wrong thing?

✔️ Are you exhausted and desiring a safe place to land and be accepted and embraced in your not-knowingness?

✔️ Do you want to contribute to powerful change that will positively impact the world for generations to come?

✔️ Do you want to know how to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment in your classes and community for all People of Color?

✔️ Are you craving connection with a community of vulnerable souls who are all interested in growing and learning through this awakening without judgment or defensiveness?

We hear you, and we are here for you.

Imagine how it would feel to ….

✔️  Receive expert guidance and structured race relations education that supports your growth and understanding of how to be a better human, and more inclusive teacher and leader.

✔️ Be provided a safe, supportive, and judgment-free space to explore your blindspots and vulnerabilities.

✔️  Dissolve fear and gain the confidence to speak up from an informed place.

✔️ Gain a deep understanding of trauma and how to identify trauma response patterns in yourself and others.

✔️ Cultivate an expanded awareness and learn to regulate your self and your system.

✔️  Know you are doing your part in interrupting old systems that perpetuate the cycle of systemic racism.

✔️  Cultivate an environment in your heart and your offerings that supports diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

✔️  Be a part of an inspiring group of dedicated yoga professionals that walk their talk, do the work, and show up for you.

✔️  Be a change-maker and make a difference in the world.




Illuminate, Integrate, Activate Change


Join Felice Laverne and Katie Brauer on a multi-month journey as we support you in understanding the nuances of systemic racism and your role in race relations through a trauma-informed lens. This Live training will be educational as well as transformational as you recognize and take ownership of your own shortcomings while learning how we can move forward together toward progressive change and equality as yoga teachers and leaders.

 Access exclusive Be the Change live training, support, and resources.

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Now is the time to raise your awareness, take responsibility, be in conversation and inquiry, do the work to find greater alignment, and embody the teachings of yoga with the utmost integrity.

White privilege starts with us as individuals, in our homes, and inner circles then spills out into the streets of our cities and into the very fabric of our lives. Every person of every race is affected by white privilege (and white ignorance) in America.

We are being called to take responsibility, get educated, rise up, and change the way in which we are impacting the larger world around us.



Get access to Live weekly training with Felice Laverne and Katie Brauer to explore and get educated on Race Relations through a Trauma-Informed Lens and how it weaves into your role and responsibility as a teacher and leader.


Develop your skill and understanding as a yoga practitioner and space holder for others. Expand your toolbox through highly effective bonus training with Katie that will serve you in the studio and in your life.


Land into a safe and supportive environment and connect with other teachers that see this as an opportunity for growth and awakening and are willing to be in this exploration right alongside you.



Multi-Month Program Curriculum

  • MODULE 1: Current Outrage, Historical Context

  • MODULE 2: Unpacking White Privilege

  • MODULE 3: Micro-aggressions & Blind Spots

  • MODULE 4: White Fragility, Code Switching, Double Consciousness

  • MODULE 5: Awareness + Impact of your Behavior

  • MODULE 6: Owning your Voice, Clarifying your Mission


Rise Up, Take Action, Be the Change

About Felice Laverne

Felice Laverne is The Yoga Professional Diversity & Inclusion strategist, literary agent, book editor, and author coach.

She has established Diversity & Inclusion initiatives at global brands such as HarperCollins Publishers, and she has edited books such as Zerlina Maxwell’s Amazon #1 The End of White Politics and Paola Ramos’ Finding Latinx: In Search of the Voices Redefining Latino Identity.

She is the author of The Other Americans: A Novel.

About Katie Brauer

Called a “powerhouse yogi and rising leader” by Forbes, Katie Brauer is an international yoga educator, personal transformation expert, and mentor at the intersection of yoga and entrepreneurship.

A teacher for over two decades, Katie has been a practitioner of trauma healing since 2004. She has extensive experience in working with professional athletes who’ve suffered from severe concussions, birth trauma, abuse survivors, and those suffering from PTSD. She is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and completed a two-year program at the Boulder School of Energy, as well as a Somatic Experiencing Practioner, having completed Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing 3-year program.

She’s the creator of The Yoga Professional Incubator, an online business and personal growth immersion for yoga teachers determined to make a difference without falling into the burned-out ’n broke trap.

An Aussie native and former professional snowboarder, Katie’s been featured in TEDx, Wanderlust, Entrepreneur, Gaiam TV, Well + Good and more.

The BBIPOC community is calling on us, and counting on us to step up, and do the work necessary to create long-overdue change.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When + where do the Live Classes take place?

    Live Classes take place on Zoom, everything is recorded so if you miss a Live Session, no problem, you can catch the Replay.

    PROGRAM SCHEDULE: All Live Classes take place at 12.30pm PST

    • Wed, June 24 – MODULE 1: Current Outrage, Historical Context
    • Wed, July 1 – MODULE 2: Unpacking White Privilege
    • Wed, July 8 – MODULE 3: Micro-aggressions & Blind Spots
    • Fri, July 17 – BONUS TRAINING: Conscious Communication
    • Wed, July 22 – MODULE 4: White Fragility, Code Switching, Double Consciousness
    • Wed, July 29 – MODULE 5: Awareness + Impact of your Behavior
    • Fri, Aug 7 – BONUS TRAINING: Understanding Trauma
    • Wed, Aug 12: MODULE 6: Owning your Voice, Clarifying your Mission
    • Fri, Aug 21 – BONUS TRAINING: Cultivating Awareness + Self Regulation
  • What if I cant make it Live?

    No Problem, everything is recorded so if you miss a Live Session, the Replay will be available for you to watch in your own time.

  • Can't I just read a book or listen to a podcast?

    There is no comparison to the value you gain from exploring this terrain with an Expert Guide and Live Mentor along with a supportive community.

    Through this interactive program, you will experience accelerated  understanding and learning that elevates you into a new level of awareness and enables you to integrate into a new normal.

  • Do I earn continuing education credits with yoga alliance?


    Earn 20 Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance for The Yoga Professional BE THE CHANGE training.

  • What happens when I click purchase?

    1. When you hit the red button, you will go a screen to enter all your info and set up your membership login details password.

    2. Once you click purchase you will get a virtual high five from me and the community for listening to your inner knowing and taking action.

    3. Next, you will get an email in your inbox from katie@theyogaprofessional.com with your immediate next steps, along with a link to the members-only portal and the TYP Be the Change Community.

Change begins with you,

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